Advanced Computing Guides

Detailed information for FAQ topics is available here and on our IDSC ACS Policies

How do I reset my IDSC password?

Via the IDSC Password Reset page :

How do I get IDSC cluster resources?

Resources on Triton and Pegasus are allocated by project. Contact your PI for access to their project’s resources, or request a New Project here :

How do I use IDSC cluster resources?

To run your work on IDSC clusters, you must submit jobs to the cluster’s resource manager with your project ID. See the menus for more information about each cluster’s job scheduler.

How do I connect to IDSC resources from off-site?

To access IDSC resources while offsite, open a VPN connection first.


IDSC does not administer UM VPN accounts. Support is handled by UMIT for any and all VPN issues:

UMIT VPN Support Contact Information

Call: (305) 284-6565