Pegasus Projects & Resources

Access to IDSC Advanced Computing resources is managed on a project basis. This allows us to better support interaction between teams (including data sharing) at the University of Miami regardless of group, school, or campus. Project-based resource allocation also gives researchers the ability to request resources for short-term work. Any University of Miami faculty member or Principal Investigator (PI) can request a new project. All members of a project share that project’s resource allocations.

To join a project, contact the project owner. PIs and faculty, request new IDSC Projects here (

Using projects in computing jobs

To run jobs using your project’s resources, submit jobs with your assigned projectID using the -P argument to bsub: bsub -P projectID. For more information about LSF and job scheduling, see Scheduling Jobs on Pegasus.

For example, if you were assigned the project id “abc”, a batch submission from the command line would look like:

$ bsub -P abc < JOB_SCRIPT_NAME

and an interactive submission from the command line would look like:

$ bsub -P abc -Is -q interactive -XF command

When your job has been submitted successfully, the project and queue information will be printed on the screen.

Job is submitted to <abc> project.

Job <11234> is submitted to default queue <general>.

The cluster scheduler will only accept job submissions to active projects. The IDSC user must be a current member of that project.