SAS on Pegasus

SAS can be run on Pegasus in Non-interactive/Batch and Interactive/Graphical modes.

Non-Interactive Batch Mode

In batch mode, SAS jobs should be submitted via LSF using the bsub command. A sample LSF script file named scriptfile to submit SAS jobs on Pegasus may include the following lines:


#BSUB -J jobname
#BSUB -o jobname.o%J
#BSUB -e jobname.e%J

where “” is an SAS program file.

Type the following command to submit the job:

[username@pegasus ~]$ bsub < scriptfile

For general information about how to submit jobs via LSF, see Scheduling Jobs on Pegasus.

Interactive Graphical Mode

To run SAS interactively, first forward the display. Load the SAS module and use the interactive queue to launch the application.

[username@pegasus ~]$ module load sas
[username@pegasus ~]$ module load java

Submit job to the interactive queue:

[username@pegasus ~]$ bsub -q interactive -P myproject -Is -XF sas
Job is submitted to project.
Job is submitted to queue .

Notice the -P flag in the above bsub command. If you do not specify your project, you will receive an error like the one below:

[username@pegasus ~]$ bsub -q interactive -Is -XF sas
Error: Your account has multiple projects: project1 project2.
Please specify a project by -P option and resubmit
Request aborted by esub. Job not submitted.