Triton Job Queues

Triton queues are organized using limits like job size, job length, job purpose, and project. In general, users run jobs on Pegasus with equal resource shares. Current or recent resource usage lowers the priority applied when LSF assigns resources for new jobs from a user’s account.

The bigmem queue is available for jobs requiring nodes with expanded memory. Submitting jobs to this queue requires project membership. Do not submit jobs that can run on the general and parallel queues to the bigmem queue.

Triton Job Queues
Queue Name Processors (Cores) Memory Wall time default / max Description
normal 512 256GB max 1 day / 7 days Parallel and serial jobs up to 256GB memory per host
bigmem 40 250GB max hosts 4 hours / 5 days Jobs requiring nodes with expanded memory up to 1TB
short 64 25GB max 30 mins / 30 mins Jobs less than 1 hour wall time. Scheduled with higher priority.
interactive 40 250GB max 6 hours / 1 day Interactive jobs <br/> only max 1 job per user